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Our Stuff

Collegium In Armis on Youtube
Collegium In Armis CafePress Shop

Our preferred training swords suppliers

Sigi Forge
Kvetun Armoury
Peter Regenyei
Castille Armory

Our preferred protective equipment suppliers

Leon Paul
SPES – Histfenc
Polish Sparring Gloves
PBT Historical Fencing
Allstar Fencing

Other swords and simulator suppliers

Danelli Armouries
The Knight Shop
Purpleheart Armoury
Albion Swords 
Darkwood Armory
TAK Knife simulators
Pavel Moc

Other personal protective equipment suppliers

Absolute Force International
J G Fencing
Renaissance Fence
That Guy’s Products

Online source material

HROARR links to numerous original HEMA sources
The Wiktenauer
Hammaborg’s Transcriptions of German sources

Other Australian schools

Listing of current Australian HEMA schools

Australasian Federations

Australasian Living History Federation (ALHF)
Queensland Living History Federation (QLHF)

Other prominent Liechtenauer schools

Trnavský šermiarsky cech (Slovakia)
Zwaard & Steen (Netherlands)
Ochs (Germany)
Hammaborg (Germany)
Zornhau (Germany)
Gladiatores (Germany)
Dreynschlag (Austria)
Göteborgs Historiska Fäktskola (Sweden)
Gothenburg Free Fencers Guild (Sweden)
Sala de Armas El Batallador (Spain)
Meyer Frei Fechter Guild (US)
London Longsword Academy (UK)

Leagues and ratings

Australian Historical Fencing League
HEMA Ratings Beta

Stage and Screen Combat

The Society of Australian Fight Directors Inc
International Order of the Sword & Pen

Contact Us

For more information or to enquire about coming along to a class, contact us at collegiuminarmis (at) or check out our Facebook page.

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