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Our Stuff

Collegium In Armis on Youtube
Collegium In Armis CafePress Shop

Long-distance and online study programs

Gladiatores online video program
Lusitan Fencing International Study Group Program

Our preferred personal protective equipment

Leon Paul (great masks – pick a 1600N epee or coaches mask)
Spes – Histfenc (great mask covers and jackets)
Polish Sparring Gloves (highly protective HEMA gloves)
Blitz Kali Gloves (budget HEMA gloves)
PBT Historical Fencing (great gorgets and other gear)

Other personal protective equipment suppliers

Windrose Armoury
Zen Warrior Armory
Absolute Force International (now have a HEMA line)
J G Fencing
Renaissance Fence
That Guy’s Products
Revival Clothing

Our preferred swords and simulators

Danelli Armouries
Peter Regenyei
The Knight Shop
Purpleheart Armoury

Other swords and simulators

Albion Swords (nice but expensive)
Arms & Armor (nice but expensive)
Darkwood Armory (for one handers)
TAK Knife simulators
Pavel Moc

Online source material

HROARR links to numerous original HEMA sources
The Wiktenauer
Hammaborg’s Transcriptions of German sources

Other Australian schools

House Darksun (WA)
Fechtkunst (WA)
Victorian Historical Combat Academy (VIC)
Glen Lachlann Estate College of Arms (VIC, NSW, WA)
Fitzroy College of Arms (VIC)
The School of Historical Fencing (VIC)
Fechtschule Victoria (VIC)
Melbourne Swordplay Guild (VIC)
Adelaide Sword Academy (SA)
Sword Fighter (QLD)
Gemeiner Academy of European Combat Arts (QLD)
Vanguard Swordsmanship Academy (QLD)
European Defensive Arts School (QLD)
Brisbane School of Iberian Swordsmanship (QLD)
School of Historical Defense Arts QLD)
Brisbane Swords (QLD)
Prima Spada School of Fence (QLD)
Stoccata School of Defence (NSW, TAS)
The Company B.S.A. (NSW)
Vier Leger (NSW)

Australasian Federations

Australasian Living History Federation (ALHF)
Queensland Living History Federation (QLHF)

Schools in the South Pacific and Asia

NZ Schools of European Martial Arts (NZ)
PHEMAS (Singapore)

Other Liechtenauer schools

Gesellschaft Lichtenawers (Slovakia)
Alte Kampfkunst (Germany)
Ochs (Germany)
Blossfechter (Germany)
Hammaborg (Germany)
Zornhau (Germany)
Lange Schwert (Germany)
Gladiatores (Germany)
Die Freifechter (Germany)
Ars Gladii (Austria)
Dreynschlag (Austria)
Göteborgs Historiska Fäktskola (Sweden)
Gladius et Codex (Switzerland)
Freywild (Switzerland)
KDF Nederland (Netherlands)
Sala de Armas El Batallador (Spain)
Forte Swordplay (US)
Maryland Kunst des Fechtens (US)
Meyer Frei Fechter Guild (US)
Higgins Armory Sword Guild (US)
Virginia Academy of Fencing (US)
Selohaar Fechtschule (US)
KDF Kunst des Fechtens (UK)
Boars Tooth Fight School (UK)
MACS (South Africa)

Discussion forums

Schola Swordsmanship Forum
HEMA Alliance Forum
Western Martial Arts Coalition Forums
SBG Sword Forum
Sword Forum International
Armour Archive
Order of the Seven Hearts
MACS Forums
Pendant RMA Forum
Australian Swordplay Forums

General information

Freelance Academy Press
Oakeshott Institute

Stage and Screen Combat

The Society of Australian Fight Directors Inc
International Order of the Sword & Pen

Contact Us

For more information or to enquire about coming along to a class, contact us at collegiuminarmis (at) or check out our Facebook page.

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